Akash Kulgod (Co-founder and R&D Lead)


Doggedly obsessed with deciphering the canine mind, unleashing disease-sniffing dogs at scale, and nosing towards a foundational olfactory model. Grew up in a family of 11 doctors and a rotating cast of dogs in a tier-2 city in India, went to boarding school in Bangalore, and studied Cognitive Science with Highest Honors at UC Berkeley. Worked as a researcher in 8 labs across 5 countries in linguistics, 4E cognition, psychedelic science, and canine cognitive neuroscience. One of the first to deploy wearable canine brain-computer interfaces to record olfactory signals from disease-sniffing dogs. 2x Emergent Ventures India grantee. Passionate about new-age healthcare models, interspecies technology, and sci-fi uplift.