reimagining the relationship between humans and our best friends
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The Premise
  1. Dogs can do what humans cannot, such as detecting 28+ diseases in real-time, often with higher accuracies than our best diagnostics.
  2. Today, there are more dogs on Earth than ever in human history. The United States had more canines than children in 2020 and data from Brazil, China and India point towards population booms worldwide.
  3. For the first time ever, we have the ability to map brain activity using non-invasive, highly portable, and relatively inexpensive devices.
The Idea

Leveraging non-invasive brain-computer interfaces powered by EEG/fNIRS and powerful AI algorithms, we can begin to decipher the canine mind in real time.

This has three major potential cascades —

  • Symbiosis - Increasing the bandwidth of human-canine communication, cooperation and welfare.
  • Partners not Pets - Increasing affordances available for all dogs to be free-agents capable of providing for each other and our collective health, security and understanding.
  • Unleashing Disease-Sniffing Dogs - Real-world applications of canine olfaction to allow for cost-effective, accurate, and non-invasive tests.
The Science
Canine Cognitive Neuroscience
Dogs as Models for Humans
Disease Detection Dogs
The Tech

A robust platform to collect and understand canine neural activity is technologically feasible.

Background of Neurotech + AI
Current Dognosis BCI-EEG prototype
Current Dognosis BCI-EEG prototype
ERP waves from canine olfaction pilot - green and black tea.
ERP waves from canine olfaction pilot - green and black tea.
The Philosophy

Dognosis resonates with the trifecta of poiesis technology, dialogical living and nosing towards aligned uplift, articulated in a manifesto concentrate —

"Relations are constitutive; dogs and people are emergent as historical beings, as subjects and objects to each other, precisely through the verbs of their relating." Donna Haraway, When Species Meet
Dognosis Now



Dognosis is an ambitious, long-term project whose success entails fundamentally new paradigms of understanding the world — how we relate with other species, the way we conceptualize the role of technology, and the manner in which we practice medicine.

We are looking for curious and passionate people to join us on our mission. More about who we’re looking for here. In short, we are looking for people to solve novel and challenging problems across domains of neurotechnology, electronic/mechanical design, olfactory science, embedded systems, signal processing, computational modelling, cognitive neuroscience and machine learning.

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