Sahana Shanbag (Regional Chief Clinical Research Coordinator)


Sahana Shanbhag, aka Sasha here! A 25yo, passionate about clinical trials and Research, finding each case a unique learning experience. I have been always captivated by the world of clinical trials, leading me to a fulfilling career path as a Clinical Research Coordinator. My passion for uncovering the intricacies of health and medicine through patient interactions drives me every day. At Dognosis, I find joy in working for Dognosis that aligns with my interests and values , Doggos included ;) . The gratitude patients express for receiving basic healthcare inspires me to strive for excellence and humbles me with a deeper appreciation for life. A fun-loving extrovert with OCD tendencies and a love for good food, I prefer dogs over human companionship. Outside work, I enjoy candid photography, DIY projects, stamp collecting, badminton, and glass painting. As Regional Chief CRC, I aim to elevate clinical standards and empower my colleagues, continually enhancing the clinical side of Dognosis.